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Our aim is to deliver dehumidifiers for hire on the day of order, to help deal with your water damage quickly. If not same day delivery then we will be there early the next day at your convenience.

24 Hour Helpline - 020 7760 7660

Call 020 7760 7660 any time 24/7 to book dehumidifier hire and building drying equipment rental, or to discuss the steps for dealing with water damaged buildings. We can help now.

Expert Advice

Our friendly, professional staff can guide you on which of our extensive range of dehumidifiers will best suit your hire needs. We will help with setting it up in your property and can give advice on how to reinstate your building quickly.

High Quality Equipment

Our range of building drying machines and flood restoration equipment is modern and well maintained, giving great reliability and performance. Please call us for advice on which drying machines, tools and equipment are best for your needs.

Want to know more about Dehumidifier rental?

We are a London based family run dehumidifier hire business serving London and the South East of England for over 10 years. We have helped hundreds of property owners dry their property quick and cost-effectively after a leak or flood – just take a look at our 5* reviews.

So when you hire a dehumidifier from us you don’t just get the equipment, you get unrivalled experience, expertise and support – on the phone in you need help selecting the right dehumidifier to hire, in person when we install and on the phone and email through your hire period. Our team can often deliver the same day as you call to help get you started – and dry – as quickly as possible.

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We don’t just have a wide range of domestic and commercial dehumidifiers available for hire, we deliver directly to you and ensure that all equipment is set up for optimal performance. 

Perhaps you need a damp survey and the use of thermal imaging to help with tracing a leak?  We can also provide a one-stop-shop service of preparation, drying, monitoring and repair.

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There are usually a few options for how to dry your property, depending on what’s wet, how wet it is, the use of your property and the timeframe required.  Describe your situation to us and we’ll help identify the optimum method for drying the building and what are the best dehumidifiers, fans or heaters for hire.

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Our hire product range includes everything you need to tackle humidity problems, escaped water or re-occurring condensation.

Our Compact Domestic Dehumidifier is perfect for drying out small spaces in residential properties after a small leak or to deal with condensation with a capacity of 19 Litres a day.

When you need a little more power our Large Industrial Dehumidifier is a robust and portable solution with a capacity of up to 55 Litres per day. Ideal for floor restoration or controlling humidity in large spaces.

If you’re looking for high performance in low-temperature conditions our Small Absorption option is a top desiccant choice. With a capacity of 12 Litres per day and compact size, it is ideal for crawl spaces, basements or garages.

If you’re unsure exactly which of our hire products will suit your needs best get in touch for some expert guidance

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You are definitely the most polite and trustworthly tradesman I've ever had at the house!

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Pimlico, London

Thank you and your colleagues for such prompt response and efficient work. We really valued the explanations and are delighted to have the house back in order now.

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What area do you serve?

We can provide drying solutions primarily in London and the South East of England.

We travel to counties including Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

We also go further, to parts of Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire and Dorset.
Call Us for a quote to see if we’re competitive!

How do I book the equipment?

Call or email us to book any of our hire equipment. If you're not sure exactly which drying solution will work best for you, we will help you decide which equipment is best suited to your needs.

Once instruction is confirmed and delivery completed, we will email an invoice and payment by bank transfer is requested. Please note that we charge for time out not time used.

Which dehumidifier do I need?

There are two main types of dehumidifier technology; refrigerant and desiccant with pros and cons for each machine, with differences in the extraction rates, optimum operating temperatures, running costs, size and noise levels.

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers vs Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Refrigerant dehumidifiers use a compressor to cool coils. When air passes over these cooled elements, water condenses and then collects in the tank. Generally, the advantages of refrigerant dehumidifiers are

- A greater extraction rate at the early stage of flood damage when there is a high volume of water

- Easier to set up and move around

Desiccant dehumidifiers work differently with air pulled in and passed through a desiccant wheel which absorbs the moisture from the air. The wheel is then heated so that the process can run again.

Desiccant dehumidifiers can take longer to set up and be less mobile, and they are more expensive to run. The benefits are:

- Strong drying power in cold conditions below 15°C

- Quieter operation than refrigerant dehumidifiers

For more information on how each type of dehumidifier works take a look at our guide.


Which type is right for me?

About 90% of our customers happily use the refrigerant dehumidifiers as they are very versatile and effective in a broad range of situations.

Please call us on 020 7760 7660 for more detail and guidance as to what will be suitable for your needs.

Are Commercial and Domestic properties covered?

Yes, a wet building is a wet building! Our drying equipment is designed for use in all types of properties; residential or commercial; house, factory, office, shop, hotel, boat, basement or lift shaft!

We have worked in them all and have an understanding of a broad range of construction types so can advise on how to best dry out your building and which type of dehumidifier, fan or combination will be most effective.

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