How To Deodorise Urine Smells

31st Jan 2011 | |

Hi. This is not a topic I’m often asked about but there may be some of you out there wondering how to get rid of urine smells. If so then read on below…

I got an email update from Chemspec Europe outlining a new product for the deodorising of urine. It’s called Urine Contamination Treatment (UCT) and operates by chemically neutralising the source of odour.

In order to neutralise the source of odour you first need to identify the source of odour! The source could be from the carpet, underlay, and as the problem also often extends to furniture or wood flooring it may also be behind the skirting board, and even the sub-floor.

Chemspec advise that to ensure a complete neutralisation, it is necessary to use sufficient UCT as it needs to remain damp and in contact for a dwell time of 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the severity. The severity depends on the type of urine… pets, diets, medication, age, quantity are among the variety of factors that influence the degree of odour.

It may also be useful in some circumstances to use a needle injection device, which is used to promote contact with more inaccessible sources and could also be used with suction to extract contamination from within cushions and soft upholstery.

Please note that odour emanating from a particular area can also permeate to the surrounding porous surfaces. Therefore it is recommended that in addition to the urine treatment, a general deodoriser is used… this is particularly the case with carpets which should also be cleaned with a carpet cleaner. The contamination treatment solution from Chemspec does not form a sticky residue so it can be left in a carpet to be extracted by a carpet clean at a later date. This characteristic makes it particularly useful in cleaning Nursing and Rest Homes.

I’m not a representative of Chemspec but have used their products before. If you require any further information on cleaning techniques, need help with a water damage damp problem in your property or think you may need to hire a dehumidifier to dry any dampness, then please contact us on 020 7760 7660 or via email to