Should I use a Commercial or Domestic Dehumidifier in a Residential Property

13th Jun 2024 | |

Sometimes the titles given to dehumidifiers can be confusing, including those on our own website! It can give the impression that commercial / industrial dehumidifiers are only for commercially used spaces, however this wouldn’t be correct.

Two of the main factors to consider in deciding which type of dehumidifier to go for would be the overall room size and also the nature of the task in hand.

Size: Roughly speaking, if the room size is larger than a typical single bedroom, hallway or bathroom, then an industrial dehumidifier would be appropriate. A ‘commercial’ dehumidifier would be needed in order to turn over the air in the space at an appropriate rate. Our industrial dehumidifiers tend to have an air turnover rate of at least 300 cubic metres of air per hour, which would be needed for most rooms in a residential property.

Application: For general humidity control, even for a large residential room a domestic dehumidifier may be sufficient. However for drying work after water damage or a flood, typically a stronger machine (with higher turnover of air) would be required.

In addition to choosing an appropriate dehumidifier, it’s most often the case that additional air movement, from an industrial fan, would help to circulate dry air and speed up evaporation.

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