Is wet weather in the UK becoming more unpredictable?

4th Jun 2024 | |

Yes, rain in the UK is becoming more unpredictable, a trend that is largely attributed to climate change. Several factors contribute to this increased variability:

  1. Climate Change: Rising global temperatures lead to changes in weather patterns. Warmer air can hold more moisture, which can result in more intense and sporadic rainfall events.
  2. Jet Stream Alterations: The jet stream, a high-altitude wind current that influences weather patterns, has been experiencing shifts and changes in behaviour. These changes can lead to prolonged periods of wet or dry weather, increasing the unpredictability of rainfall.
  3. Extreme Weather Events: The UK has seen a rise in extreme weather events, such as heavy downpours and storms, which contribute to the overall unpredictability of rainfall.
  4. Seasonal Shifts: Traditional weather patterns and seasonal cycles are shifting, making it harder to predict when and how much rain will fall. Winters may become wetter, while summers could see more intense but less frequent rainfall.

Data from various meteorological studies and the UK Met Office supports these observations, indicating a trend toward more erratic and unpredictable rainfall patterns in recent years. This increased variability poses challenges for agriculture, water management, and urban planning.

All this means of course that with warmer weather coming, it’s a perfect time to check the outside fabric of your building.  Are the roof, gutters and drains working effectively?  Is the render in tact and waterproof?  Are there any overflowing pipes affecting the outside of the property?

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