Burst Pipe

  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room

What happened?

The property was empty during the course of being sold. In the cold January weather, with the central heating turned off, a pipe froze and burst in the loft. This resulted in most of the 1st floor and half of the ground floor being saturated. The client required the property to be dry as soon as possible, so they could reinstate the house and exchange contracts on the sale.


Dehumidifier-Rental was instructed to deliver and set-up the dehumidifiers and fans required to dry the house as soon as possible. Following the stripping-out of ceiling and wall material that was damaged beyond repair, and removing the carpets for later re-fitting, Dehumidifier-Rental set up the optimum structural building drying program.

Detailed moisture sampling was undertaken throughout the drying work, reporting to the client on progress so that they could manage their property sale. Equipment was moved around the house as necessary, to target the dry air against wet areas as required.


The house was fully dried in just over a month and the client was able to satisfy their purchaser such that contracts could be exchanged on building’s sale.

Client Comment:

Dehumidifier Rental team,

…On a personal note Christiane and I are very grateful for your kind and attentive service. As you know the leak was particularly difficult and stressful for us and you were always there to answer our questions and come to the property as often as we needed. We did call many of your competitors and by some margin you were the most composed and professional, this includes some of the much larger companies who only seemed to take advantage of our dire straites.

Thank you once again, we hope your business continues to thrive, it certainly deserves to.

Many thanks,

Phil and Christiane