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They said:

We have had an unfortunate series of leaks and floods here at Westbourne Grove Church, Notting Hill. It has been very reassuring to be able to call on the expertise of Dehumidifier Rental who have been quick and efficient at coming to assess the problem, set up and monitor equipment. We have been able to rely on them to install equipment safely so that the building can continue to run activities and events as normal. Their staff have been friendly and knowledgeable, able to advise us well and have provided all the documentation we needed to make our insurance claims – couldn’t ask for better.

Westbourne Grove Church Building and Venue Hire Manager

What happened?

At Westbourne Grove Church, a failure of a pipe fitting occurred in the ceiling void above the atrium-style entrance area. This caused significant dampness in the plasterboard ceiling.


The Church has a number of rooms regularly used for community activities and it was necessary to undertake the drying work with minimum disruption to these.

Dehumidifier-Rental attended the property out of normal hours. Assessment with a thermal imaging camera, as seen in the photographs below, showed the extent of the spread of moisture and allowed precise targeting of the drying program. With a ceiling height of approximately 30ft, this was a survey that could be undertaken without the delay of arranging high access.

Small holes were cut in the plasterboard ceiling structure, with dry air ducted from dehumidifiers into the ceiling void. Pressurising the ceiling void with dry air resulted in rapid drying of the building materials.


The drying program was completed without disturbing the use of the property. Mould growth and the development of unpleasant odours were avoided by acting quickly.