Burst Pipe

  • Before
  • After

What happened?

A burst pipe in the offices of a consultancy sector client affected part of an open plan office space and also flooded the basement lift motor room.


Dehumidifier-Rental was instructed to pump-out the motor room and dry this area together with the office area, while minimising disruption to the continued use as offices.

Water was extracted by pump from the motor room, the electrics made safe and then a dehumidifier was used to dry the space.

The office space carpet tiles were removed from the affected area and adhesives ground from the concrete to expose the floor to the benefit of dry air. The drying program was set up to create a ‘tented’ drying system, targeting the wet area within a large open plan office space.


The office and motor room were fully dried in two weeks and the client was able to continue use of the building throughout that time.