does a dehumidifier cool a room in summer

Does a dehumidifier cool a room in Summer?

22nd Jun 2019 | |

Everyone loves getting out and enjoying the summer sun, but trying to get a good night’s sleep or maintaining energy levels can be difficult in the peak of the season. The summer months tend to bring humid air which can make areas of your home or workplace feel stuffy, uncomfortable and even a little claustrophobic. The good news is that there’s no need to suffer through the season – find out how a renting a dehumidifier can help you control how warm the air feels and stay comfortable at home or at work this summer.

Why is there a higher humidity level in summer?

When the air is warmer it is able to hold onto a lot more moisture than when the temperature is lower in the colder months. In the winter cold air, even when saturated, contains much less moisture than warmer air in the summer months.

Relative humidity is the amount of water vapour present in the air vs the capacity of water that the air can hold at a particular temperature. This means that air at 50% RH is holding only half of the vapour it could do at that temperature.  If the air is warmed, relative humidity reduces as the air becomes capable of holding higher levels of moisture.

Why does it feel hotter when it’s humid?

Dealing with dry heat is easier for the body to do in comparison to when there are high humidity levels. The more humid it is, the less efficiently your body can cool itself off. This is because the body’s natural reaction to regulate temperature is sweating.

Your warm body temperature heats the sweat on the surface of your skin and causes it to evaporate. When humidity is higher, due to warm air temperature, the sweat cannot evaporate from your body as fast. This is because the air is already saturated with water

As a result, this heat is trapped on your skin and this is why the air feels warmer than the actual temperature is. Sometimes you’ll notice on the weather that they’ll provide you with a ‘feels like’ temperature – this is all due to humidity levels this time of year.

Example: If summer brought us a sweltering temperature of 31 degrees Celcius with a humidity of 40%, it would feel like 31 degrees. If humidity rose to 85% it would feel like a roasting 43 degrees Celcius

Using a dehumidifier in summer

To help keep your home environment as comfortable as possible throughout summer, running a dehumidifier is an ideal option to reduce the level of moisture in the air. Combining the use of a dehumidifier with air movers you may already have in your home or offices like stand-up, desk or ceiling fans can help to improve results.


  • Improves air quality and reduces the number of dust mites
  • Removes moisture from the air which lowers humidity making air temperature feel cooler
  • Prevents any mould growth in particularly humid summer conditions
  • Economical to run with a range of options to suit rooms of any size

Removing too much moisture from the air in summer can also provide its own problems. Dry air can cause irritation to the nose and throat which is particularly unpleasant for hayfever sufferers. It’s vital to know what level of humidity you’re looking to achieve and this is where our expert advice can help you.

There’s no need to suffer through a muggy, uncomfortable summer in 2019. If your home or workspace is too humid to stay productive or sleep comfortably in then get in touch. For any advice on humidity or damp levels in your home or office please contact us on 020 7760 7660 or