How Long Should I Leave The Dehumidifier On?

9th Jun 2019 | |

Depending on the size of the room and severity of the issue, the length of time you’ll need to leave the dehumidifier on for can vary. Our expert advice will help you achieve the best balance between strong results and a reasonable electricity bill.

As the length of time to leave dehumidifier running depends on many variables, there isn’t a stock answer. To work out the best running time we take into consideration:

  1. Size of the room or property
  2. The temperature of the room
  3. Type of Dehumidifier
  4. The dehumidifier size and rate of extraction
  5. The starting relative humidity
  6. The target relative humidity
  7. The cause and severity of the humidity levels

When delivering and setting up your chosen equipment we’ll provide advice on how long to run your dehumidifier to achieve the best results.